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Kaspakas is one of the most ancient villages of the island. It was first inhabited at the end of the 11th or at the beginning of the 12th century. Founder of the village was a Byzantine admiral, Kaspakas who built a tower in the land given to him by the emperor Alexios A' Komninos. It was said that Dukas Alexios Mourtzouflos, a Byzantine emperor, had recoursed at the village when he was persecuted by the crusaders the crucial night of the 12th of April 1204, when Constandinoupolis was conquered by them. The cape just north of Kaspakas is still called Mourtzouflos. Coasts of the region is Agios Ioannis and Karvounolakkos. On the rocky slopes at the coast of Agios Ioannis a small church was built before 1858.


The coast of Agios Ioannis

The studios are near to other beautiful coasts on the northwest side of the island, like Platy, Thanos and Evgatis.